We know Google is doing it; we’ve heard that Apple’s been looking at it, so just what is it? Video-enabled glasses with all the features you’d expect from a smartphone

H.264, we hardly knew ye — except we did and that now veteran format has become part of the foundation for the delivery of high-quality video over the Web. This

Evolution of the television and broadcast industries continues, and while powerful forces remain committed to maintaining the status quo, it seems increasingly obvious technology firms are committed to side tracking

The BBC is celebrating 15 years of BBC Online, revealing that since it launched its presence it now has an audience of 22.7 million UK adults a week, approximately 50

Apple’s Logic Studio suite is one of the more important audio solutions used by pro musicians for studio and live work, many of whom may have been concerned at recent

Adobe’s delayed Create Now Live event takes place December 11, and it appears the company has a raft of interesting announcements planned for creative users, these may even include the

Despite high censorship the UAE has a very active social media user base. It tops the Arab states in e-readiness and the number of Facebook users. In our post earlier

There’s many who can’t help but hope that the evolution of alternative television channels and online show streaming to devices including your TV will at last spell the kiss of

Businesses are finding various ways to use Google+ Hangouts to communicate with their customers. Google+ Hangouts is a video chat tool that can have up to ten participants who can

We’ve observed YouTube to be slowly but surely becoming a peer partner when it comes to broadcasting. The good news for video pros is that the company continues to develop its