The launch of the 3G Mileage Capture Solution

We had a big milestone this month in Virtual Forge and that was the launch of the 3G Mileage Capture Solution for Peak Mileage ( We have been working with

Trueview: an essential YouTube marketing tool

1st step your organisation has a managed YouTube page. 2nd step it’s populated with content.  This content may be specifically commissioned for YouTube.  Great! Social Broadcasting is where viewers are

Introducing Our New Brand & Website for the Dreamtek Academy

It’s been over a year since we launched the Dreamtek Academy (DTA) and WOW what a journey it’s been! From a 3 person team to over 15 people, we’ve still

That moment when your LinkedIn post gets 4500+ comments part 2 : Q+A with original poster.

So you post a  30 second LinkedIn  post on the foibles of modern office jargon.  You are a medium level user with under 300 connections. One month later your post

That moment when your LinkedIn post gets 4500+ comments

You may have seen an amusing perfectly formed LinkedIn post pop up on your feed entitled  Dreadful DREADFUL work phrases a list of 15 familiar work phrases that will make

Dreamtek High End Commercial Film: a Q & A with our Creative Producer

Often a Powerpoint or a PDF lacks the power to communicate your commercial offering as elegantly as corporate film. I caught up with Dreamtek’s creative producer Neill Frank to discuss

The Dreamtek Academy

Just over a year ago Dreamtek created our own apprenticeship program at the Dreamtek Academy.  The idea actually came from several of our key customers in the automotive sector who

Does your YouTube channel have a Manager?

Does your organisation create video content? Do you have a Youtube channel? If so assigning a YouTube Channel Manager is something to consider. A Channel Manager’s job starts after the

Legal and General #MoneyHangout – Marriage and Money

Independent experts answer your questions on the financial aspects of getting married, as part of our #MoneyHangout series. Marriage is something most of us will consider at some point in

5 takeaways from a 900k 28k share “Hitler Reacts…” video

I watched a 4 minute video on Facebook originating from Mr P’s ICT Facebook page (likes=14k)  It made me smile and I thought of someone I’d like to share it with. It