To a fanfare of publicity Apple introduced the iPhone 5 this week. Sure, we know you can read about this just about everywhere at the moment, but we thought it

This week we’ve been at Europe’s biggest exhibition for broadcast and film professionals, IBC, introducing our all-new product for broadcasters of all kinds, Broadcastpod. The best way to think about

If you’re at one of those parties where you find yourself discussing H.264, then you’re probably going to be hard-pressed attracting the attention of that hot-looking person of your opposite

Video-conferencing’s such a great idea, but if you have a face like mine you’d probably benefit from make-up and good lighting before you get too involved in in-depth chat.

One of the things we do here at Dreamtek is help customers develop effective Unified Communications (UC) collaboration solutions. We thought we’d take a few moments to explain what that

The Arab Spring proved the effectiveness of on-the-spot news reporting by non-professional witnesses, bringing images of social and political upheaval and giving major news organisations and the public glimpses of

Apple may be ditching YouTube app from iPhones, but that’s unlikely to do too much damage — all anyone needs to do is navigate to the video sharing site’s homepage

Apple does it, Google does it, Microsoft and Adobe do it, it seems everyone’s at it these days, are you? Oh be still with your naughty innuendos we’re talking about

YouTube Creator Space Everyone here at Dreamtek is really pleased with this week’s announcement of the all-new YouTube Creator Space here in London [youtube=] YouTube’s official announcement video for Creator

With Adobe Creative Week taking place we thought it might be useful to sketch out a few ideas we’ve gathered for those attempting to boost their chances of creating one