How are businesses adapting to socio-economic change

Since the dawn of business there has been a certain style of how and when work should be done. In almost every organisation the processes tends to flow from the

The Dreamtek Academy

Just over a year ago Dreamtek created our own apprenticeship program at the Dreamtek Academy.  The idea actually came from several of our key customers in the automotive sector who

Does your YouTube channel have a Manager?

Does your organisation create video content? Do you have a Youtube channel? If so assigning a YouTube Channel Manager is something to consider. A Channel Manager’s job starts after the

5 takeaways from a 900k 28k share “Hitler Reacts…” video

I watched a 4 minute video on Facebook originating from Mr P’s ICT Facebook page (likes=14k)  It made me smile and I thought of someone I’d like to share it with. It

Virtual Reality: Why you need it to reach consumers and clients

Chances are you’ve come across Virtual Reality in the media and it is everywhere! But what does this mean for the corporate and marketing world? Virtual Reality is the process

A Film

The buzz. The adrenaline. The lights. The heat. Even the sweet hunger for success is what drives us. Working on set is like a child’s playtime, the rigging is like

Dreamtek recently broadcasted a live interview with Lawson the popular English pop band on a Google+ Hangout. The reason we chose Google+ Hangouts is because it’s a reliable platform to

Google+ Hangouts : From Prince Charles to Rick Ross As someone who has been producing Google+ Hangouts with the Dreamtek production team for the last three years. I’ve seen massive

5 Compelling reasons your business needs an app

Consumers are changing. Fast and immediate mobile access to information is empowering decision-making, altering consumption patterns and transforming consumer reaction to marketing. Join our webinar on 5th June to find

Augmented Reality has become accessible thanks to French company Augment, who have just raised $1.5 million in funding to fuel international growth according to TechCrunch. 3D Designs can be visualized