Our Covid-19 solutions include live streaming, virtual classrooms and video production. We have created some flexible options to support you to share content with your global customers, prospects and communities over the coming weeks and months whilst Covid-19 causes unprecedented disruption to normal working practices.

A Global Video Production, Systems Integration & Talent Services Company dedicated to delivering the best in creative video production, live event streaming and social broadcasting.

Why Dreamtek – A Global Video Production Company

At Dreamtek, we’re a video production company who live and breathe video. Our international team of experts work side-by-side with every customer, to provide the most innovative broadcast solutions for your needs. Driven by passion for what we do, we are dedicated to delivering the best in creative video production, live event streaming, and social broadcasting.

What Dreamtek Can Do For You

Video Production

We have mastered the craft of producing the video content you need for your followers to share! Whether it be a corporate video, a 15 second instagram video, live Facebook stream, or highlight videos from larger campaigns, vines & more.

Systems & Services

Our outstanding technical team know their 4K from their HD and can stream live video from anywhere, yes anywhere! Our portfolio of broadcast solutions includes full broadcast studio builds, our Broadcastpod, virtual classrooms, corporate TV and of course live streaming!

Talent Services

Dreamtek Talent was born out of the need for our clients to gain access to credible and creative production staff to help them deliver their visions. Quite simply, we deliver enhanced production value through our premium staffing services.

Meet The Team…

JLR Logo - Dreamtek

“Dreamtek really provide the added value to Adobe Connect and the added value is ability to run high quality video to our dealerships.”

Got a project you want to discuss?

Whether it’s video production, event filming, TV Commercial, webcast or complete production, edit & delivery solution we can help.