The Dreamtek Group

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 The Virtual Forge are a software development company that offers various strands of software development, whether they are video, web, desktop or mobile applications. Their development and design teams have years of experience at crafting the best solutions for you, listening to what you need and creating bespoke solutions.

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Ubiquity Global Services is a multinational services organisation offering innovative customer experience management solutions, risk management services and interactive voice response (IVR) solutions. Ubiquity has developed a next-generation technology platform engineered for operational excellence while delivering their clients meaningful and actionable business intelligence.

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Working in the automotive industry, Fleet Innovations create simple, effective and engaging solutions to make life easier for business drivers and for organisations that employ them and service them. Their solutions are for anyone looking to reduce cost, improve the environment and streamline processes.

Meet The Team

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Victoria Neeson
CEO Dreamtek Europe and North America
team image
Garrett Doyle
European Director
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Tristan Blakley
Managing Director, Emerging Markets
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Matt Wicks
Global CTO and co-owner
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Leonel de Oliveira
Chief Operating Officer
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Hannah Massam
Vice President - Dreamtek UK
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Michael Stokes
Account Director

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