Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform for web meetings, eLearning, and virtual classrooms…

Powering mission critical web conferencing solutions

Adobe Connect for Web Meetings

Communicate with your teams, branch offices and customers via web meetings in the cloud–anytime, anywhere, and from any mobile device.

Adobe Connect for eLearning

Rapidly create, deliver, and track effective educational experiences for both learners and trainers, even if you are new to eLearning tools.

Adobe Connect for Webinars

Showcase products, services, and ideas in compelling, immersive events that maximize attendance and capture measurable results.

As an Adobe Connect Partner we know that Adobe Connect powers mission critical web conferencing solutions end-to-end, on virtually any device, and enables organisations to fundamentally improve productivity.

Why use Dreamtek as your Partner?
  • Tailored development to work for your solution

  • Adobe Air, LCCS and Mobile App integration

  • Accredited European Adobe Connect Partner

  • Experienced and responsive support team

  • Video and eLearning development services

  • Audio integration solutions and managed events, including filming & post-production services

Some of Our Clients…

48% of Adobe Connect users
are from Education Industries
94% of businesses that utilise video conferencing
say it increases productivity
9 out of 10 remote employees say that video
helps them feel more connected to their colleagues
65% of people share content
in more than half of their video calls

Got a project you want to discuss?

Whether it’s video production, event filming, TV Commercial, webcast or complete production, edit & delivery solution we can help.