Adobe Connect 11

Dreamtek have been an Adobe solutions partner for over a decade, supporting clients with key account technical delivery and complex virtual classroom set-ups, including content creation and delivery globally, for our clients and theirs.

Adobe Connect is perfectly positioned to deliver an engaging and measurable virtual environment for learning that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. It can also be integrated to a large number of Learning Management platforms, straight out of the box. If development work is required to assist this integration, we have the in-house knowledge to offer consultative advice and carry out the delivery.

We use our expertise and many years of knowledge with Adobe to provide all clients with a flexible and highly responsive service to manage and deliver your Adobe Connect Implementation.

Adobe Connect
Virtual Classroom – Adobe Connect Features

Adobe Connect 11Enable mobile learning across devices

  • Train and participate directly from mobile devices
  • Deploy interactive mobile experiences including breakout sessions
  • Enjoy hosting, file sharing, whiteboarding, and emoticons via mobile
  • Allow participants on desktop to enter hassle-free with no downloads

Adobe Connect 11Deliver immersive live virtual classroom experiences

  • Measure live learner participation with engagement monitoring
  • Brandable, customizable and persistent virtual classrooms
  • Streamline live session management with intuitive backstage tools
  • Maximize engagement with extensive interactive options

Adobe Connect 11Support blended learning with synchronous and asynchronous content

  • Create curricula with prerequisites and test-outs 
  • Manage enrollment notifications & reminders 
  • Generate course catalogs to enable self-enrollment 
  • Measure effectiveness with detailed learner reports 

Adobe Connect 11Create and deploy engaging on-demand learning content

  • Generate structured curricula with enhanced learner enrollment management
  • Rapidly generate and deploy content using our Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter
  • Create content once and publish across devices, including SCORM and AICC content
  • Use the features of a Learning Management System (LMS) at a fraction of the cost with Adobe Connect, or integrate it with your existing LMS

What’s New in Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect 11.0 was rolled out in September 2020.


Whats New?

Adobe Connect 11Browser client for hosts and presenters

With Adobe Connect 11.0, hosts and presenters can now start and manage meetings with only a web browser, and without downloading additional software.

From a browser, hosts are able to:

  • Start and manage meetings, virtual classrooms, and webinars (seminar rooms)
  • Start and manage audio conferencing
  • Start/pause/stop recordings
  • Create, edit, and manage layouts and pods
  • Create, manage, and start breakout sessions
  • Manage all meeting preferences

Both hosts and presenters will now be able to:

  • Upload and share all supported content types – PowerPoint files, PDF documents, MP4 videos, MP3 audio, JPG/PNG images, GIF animations, interactive
  • Captivate presentations, Adobe Presenter files (HTML or hybrid formats), and custom pods
  • Use whiteboard tools for drawings or annotating on content
  • Share their camera
  • Manage Q&A
  • Access the host and presenter area

Participants who have been granted enhanced rights, or are participating in breakouts, will also be able to share their cameras, use the whiteboard drawing tools, edit notes, and share content.

Adobe Connect 11New meeting application for windows

The new Adobe Connect 11 Windows application allows hosts, presenters, and participants to enjoy the new user interface across all meeting types, including virtual classrooms and seminar rooms. Presenters can access all features, including HD cameras and screen sharing, with superior meeting performance. Improvements include a new launch experience, greater ease of entry, and an updated screen sharing palette.

Adobe Connect 11Improved voice over IP (VOIP) audio

Significantly improved audio output in browsers. Microphone audio, broadcast telephony, and Universal Voice audio all benefit from critical updates to audio delivery. This applies to all meetings, virtual classrooms, webinars (seminar rooms), and recording playback in HTML.

Adobe Connect 11Greater accessibility

Participants can now access subtitles and additional audio tracks embedded in MP4 videos. Uploaded PDF content can now be read by screen readers. The new interface offers new keyboard shortcuts, improved tab navigation, and better support for screen readers.

Adobe Connect 11Connect central updates

All Flash-based interfaces have now been updated to HTML including the home page calendar, recording editor, diagnostic test page, seminar calendar, event reporting, course content players, and all other dashboards and charts.

Adobe Connect 11Additional improvements


  • Ability to add hyperlinks in Notes pod
  • Ability to rename breakout rooms
  • Ability to rotate participants through breakout rooms
  • Support for animated GIF files in Share pods
  • Improved whiteboard performance
  • Drag-n-drop file upload to File Share pod
  • ‘Manage Layouts’ view added to support multi-column layout view
  • Ability to search for and select layouts in ‘Manage Layouts’ view
  • Ability to lock layouts to prevent accidental pod movement during meetings
  • Host and Presenter area can now be restricted to hosts only
  • Added a preference for recording reminder
  • Added a preference for automatic MP4 video buffering

Our Expert: Tom Blades

8. Tom BladesTom has been in the Learning and Development world for over 15 years, and has held pretty much every job from a trainer of apprentices to running a complete department.

7 years ago he had the opportunity to change his path when PSA gave him the task of revolutionising their training and internal communications strategy. Since then he has implemented a very successful virtual learning and meeting system and rolled this out worldwide in over 50 different markets.

Whilst at PSA Tom created a corporate media team that would go on to be one of the largest teams within the company, serving almost every department.

Tom evangelises about the use of media in corporate settings as well as within L&D.