It’s a new era of events

It’s a new era of events


    The video production landscape is ever changing and we’ve recently entered a brand new era of video production where the industry is changing like never before.
    Events that used to be held physically have now pivoted to virtual or hybrid events. Live streaming has stepped to the forefront of how companies communicate with their customers. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to choose the right company with the experience and know-how to deliver your message to your audience, both live and virtually.

    We have delivered events of this kind for:

    Working with us means you have access to our expert team of producers, tech ops and engineers who will guide you through best production practices, ensuring that your message is well received by your audience.

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    Dreamtek are leaders in a virtual world and have been supporting our clients with innovative virtual events for years.


    We offer a whole array of bespoke virtual events, online conferences and meetings from our studio here in Singapore. We’re a global video production company like no other. Our technology expertise means we are capable of taking your event, advertising campaigns, company address and customer engagement to the next level.

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