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Digital media in the cloud. Your video content streamed to users globally….

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Viewers now consume your content in new ways, at anytime from anywhere. As a content creator and distributor, you need control over your assets and a cost effective solution for storing, processing and delivering large amounts of data globally. As a trusted AWS consulting partner, Dreamtek can help you safely store, edit and share your video content from the cloud.

Secure cloud hostingWhy AWS?

As the world’s first and largest provider of cloud computing, Amazon Web Services is ideally suited to enable fast and secure delivery of your content. AWS is already being used by world leaders such as Netflix who account for one third of internet traffic during peak periods!

amazon web services partnerDreamtek are already established as a certified AWS consulting partner. Our AWS partnership allows you to benefit from their range of services from computing to storage to analysis and can be customised for each use case. Saving customers time and money whilst delivering excellent, low-latency video globally with the added benefit of you only paying for what you use!

You’ll also benefit from comprehensive project management and hands-on technical support, from Dreamtek’s expert team of developers, utilising our software arm, The Virtual Forge, to truly harness all the capabilities of AWS.

The Benefits of AWS

Amazon Web Services are one of the World’s leading cloud service providers with data centres in 9 strategic regions giving unprecedented coverage to its clients. Storage, Compute power, Database and CDN are just part of the expanding service offering from AWS.

Video Capture

Accelerate innovation and capture your video as, knowing that you can store it more quickly, cost effectively, and collaboratively in the AWS Cloud.

Editing Services

Upload footage to the cloud for editing from any global location, allowing you to scale elastically to meet your peak demands.

Upload to AWS

AWS is an effective business model, often at a lower cost as you only pay for what you use. It also allows you to reduce your current IT infrastructure.

Global Distribution Of Content

Broadcast high quality video and engage a global audience with locally delivered content. You can also automate media processes for maximum efficiency.


With access to all the analysis and reporting options by visiting the Reporting & Analytics dashboard in the Management Console.


It’s reliable, with multiple data centres across 9 major regions supporting global enterprise requirements with a Secure end to end ISO 270001 certified infrastructure.

What Dreamtek can do for you

Our specialist developers will work with you to design the architecture and AWS set up. We’ll use AWS tools S3, Glacier, Lambda, Cloudfront and Cloudwatch. We’ll also provide the technical resources to support the service once in place.

With a very high number of AWS services and products, Dreamtek understand them all and will advise on the most appropriate solution for you.
As an Amazon partner we are kept abreast of the constant updates to features and tools so you benefit from this knowledge.
We are experts in AWS storage and editing tools including S3, Glacier, Workspaces and Lambda.
Dreamtek offer best value for money, ensuring you have the best fit solution for your requirements and you only pay for what you use.
We can offer an end to end solution from video production and editing to cloud storage and global streaming.
Our expertise in AWS Cloudfront and Cloudwatch enables advanced global delivery and analytics.

Got a project you want to discuss?

Whether it’s video production, event filming, TV Commercial, webcast or complete production, edit & delivery solution we can help.