Join The Virtual Forge for our much anticipated Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and AWS Showcase Event!

When: Wednesday 26th April 2017 14:00 – 17:00.
Where: The Hoxton, Shoreditch.

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Please use the links below to join our event virtually, Analytica – Deep learning and Cloud-native

The Virtual Forge is a creative technology company, uniquely positioned to provide expert insight into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and their incorporation into the AWS suite of services.

This event will bring together the top companies in the UK, providing them with the know-how required to take advantage of these tools. Benefits will include enhancing customer experiences, increasing brand interactions; accessing and using predictive analysis tools all with the goal of helping companies achieve significant business results faster than ever before.

Session 1 – 2:00pm
Who is the Virtual Forge? | What is AWS

Session 2 – 2:30pm
AWS data – Sentiment analysis and BI in the cloud
A look at how various AWS tools combine to provide a range of tools for analysing real time and near real time data about your brand, learners, views and support needs. We will be looking at both the tools available for data collection and manipulation as well as Amazon Quicksight – AWS’ new business intelligence and analytics tool.

Refreshments – 3:15pm

Session 3 – 3:30pm
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
A look at how the AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning suite can help enhance your data mining and predictive analysis tools. From being able to make a series of reasonable predictions to targeting the best products for a visitor to your site. Machine learning is simple to implement and can open powerful doors from the data you have collected.

On top of that we will look at how voice control and image recognition are incorporated into the AI suite and how you can easily use these tools to enhance the customer experience and the data collection points you are exposing. Finally, we will look at how realistic voices can encourage and drive forward interactions with your brand, all created using the AWS AI suite.

Q&A – 4:30pm

This is a Virtual Forge and Dreamtek event.