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Video provides an engaging opportunity to share vital business messages whilst communicating with your team in a more personal way.

Bite size videos can spread key business messages throughout an organisation in seconds to any device. Dreamtek have developed Brand TV as the latest tool for internal communications, delivering key messages directly to employees whilst integrating perfectly with their current daily technology use.

Brand TV will save your business time and money whilst improving your internal communications. Communicating via video provides transparency across all staffing levels, easy knowledge sharing and gives employees the opportunity to perform to their best ability by ensuring they are kept abreast of company news, rules, regulations, offers and promotions, whilst providing motivation, guidance and support.

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Creating a weekly magazine style show delivered on demand to your workforce will engage and inform your audience. With a familiar and long lasting look and feel to your videos, we’ll build trust in present and future communications.

Brand TV can be used for a variety of business purposes, here are some of the uses by our existing clients:

Training & Education
CEO Messages
Corporate Changes
Product Launch
Team Building
Health & Safety
Brand Re-enforcement
Promote Offers & Sales
Staff Onboarding
Shift Briefings
Safety Messages
Good News Stories

Take a look at our Brand TV video series:

Welcome to Brand TV

“In the 21st century, if you’re not using video as an internal communications tool, then you’re left behind.” Tom explains how to use the power of entertaining and engaging video to effectively communicate with your teams can revolutionise your internal comms.

Does humour have a place in Brand TV?

Humour is always a concern within internal communications, does it have a place? Is it right for you? Tom explores how humour can work within Corporate TV. 

Building a content strategy

How can you make your internal communication messages more engaging? Winning employees trust and building long lasting relationships is key. Tom provides his top tips on how to make this a reality in your videos.

Insert your Brand TV White

Why Dreamtek?

“We believe that creating informative and engaging video content that will have a long lasting positive effect on the performance of your business.”

Dreamtek can provide a number of bespoke solutions to your business, from training an upskilling in-house team to supplying staff and equipment to suite or provide a full solution, we’re here to help you.


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