Our Broadcast Solutions

We don’t just create awesome videos, we also have an outstanding technical team who know their 4K from their HD and can stream live video from anywhere, yes anywhere, we’ve even delivered live video from the middle of the desert! Our portfolio of broadcast solutions includes full broadcast studio builds, our Broadcastpod, virtual classrooms, corporate TV and of course live streaming!

Working with partners such as Inxpo and Adobe Connect we’re able to provide the most innovative broadcast solutions and can’t wait to show you how they could work for your business.

Broadcast Studios

With over 12 years experience building state of the art Broadcast Studios for both on-air and online delivery, we offers solutions for both new systems installations and upgrades on existing set ups.

The Broadcastpod

The Broadcastpod is our stand-alone fully integrated studio solution that is custom fitted with broadcast-quality lighting, HD camera, built-in teleprompter and simple to use workflow software.

Live Streaming

Broadcast your events around the world – we really can stream any type of content to any destination including tablets, smart phones, TVs and computers running Apple iOS, Android and Windows.


Communicate effectively with your customers, prospects, employees and partners globally using the brand new Inpxo Studio solution.

Virtual Classrooms

Communicate, view presentations, interact with learning resources & work in groups with our Virtual Classroom Software.

Brand TV

Corporate video content is targeted towards the company’s core selling demographics or internal employees. It’s also known as Learning TV.

How can you use our broadcast solutions?

Trade shows and conferences
Fashion shows
Product launch
A product or service demo

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