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    Dreamtek’s Broadcastpod

    A studio solution for small spaces

    Dreamtek developed the Broadcastpod as a solution for customers who don’t have the space or budget to build a full-blown acoustically sound studio or convert an existing room into a studio.

    The Broadcastpod is a stand-alone fully integrated studio solution that is custom fitted with broadcast-quality lighting, HD camera, built-in teleprompter and simple to use workflow software.

    It fits into any office space as the smallest of our pods is 2.8m2 and it’s so easy to use, no technical ability required, just follow the instructions on the touch screen and be broadcasting in minutes!

    bpod image
    Why the Broadcastpod is great
    • Pre-record and live stream internal comms
    • Live stream direct from the pod
    • Create and run podcasts
    • Live webcasts including any webinar system including Adobe Connect, Zoom, Google Meet, Webex and Skype
    • Studio quality video production, including video blogging and communications
    • On demand video creation including video blogging
    • Full video review / approve / distribution
    • Video conferencing, townhalling, OTT communications
    • Fully automated, self contained broadcast environment
    • Post production as a service option
    • Acoustically treated 
    • Air conditioning as an option

    Standard Broadcastpod

    • HD or 4K camera ready
    • Integrated discrete tie clip microphones and audio processing unit with noise cancellation to support video conferencing
    • The Broadcastpod utilises Dreamtek’s SWXR technology enabling remote vision mixing in the cloud
    • 4K LED display behind the presenter, with the ability to change between pre-determined backdrops
    • Teleprompter facility for on-screen autocue
    • Live streaming support for YouTube On Air, Vimeo, JPlayer
    • Supports full RTMP and WebRTC streaming
    • Full integration with video conferencing software (check wording) – then list other options.
    • The Broadcastpod integrates the latest technology such as NDI, WebRTC and VOIP
    • Bespoke designed software from The Virtual Forge (link to website in new tab)
    • Dreamtek double touch interface for single person operation
    • Broadcast production capability with live CG and VFX to support engaging and dynamic live broadcasting


    • Custom backdrops or 4K Display background for images, pictures or presentations to be shown
    • Live broadcasting to Television networks
    • Air conditioning
    • Custom wrap for the outside to allow for company branding
    • Ability to incorporate existing IT infrastructure
    • Integration with building systems
    • Available in a multitude of different power sources
    • Various support packages available including helpdesk support
    bpod image2 1

    Fire: EN1350-1


    Sound: DIN EN ISO 16283-1


    Climate: VW P 1200


    DIN EN ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer


    Warranty: 10 years

    Dreamtek’s Broadcastpod in action