Digital Twin: Your bridge between the physical and digital world

A real-time virtual representation of a real-world.

The ever emerging creative technology landscape we live in see’s the current acceleration of digital representation of a real-world entity or system, with the introduction of Digital Twin. At the forefront of technical solutions, the #dreamteam are working with numerous clients on a variety of projects to bridge the physical and digital world.

Dreamtek have implemented Digital Twin, using real world data to create simulations that can predict how a process or product will perform. The digital twin technology is a virtual model to monitor a design as a 3D model.

Digital Twin Studio

What are Digital Twins used for?

Digital twin technology is an emerging part of XR technology that will revolutionise product and process development by providing efficiency and productivity. As well as integration, testing, monitoring, and maintenance. Ultimately resulting in a smarter, safer and sustainable future.
Digital Twin consept

Are you ready for a digital transformation?

Dreamtek uses matterport technology to capture existing environments as a basis for CGI created resources. This means within one day we can capture multiple locations and environments ready for digital twin location.

Once processed the matterpack can be used for previsualisation of projects as well as storyboarding and further design. It can also be used as an asset in its own right with Dreamtek having the knowledge to create 3D walkthroughs as well as google street view assets.

With the raw data from the matterport CGI designers will create the digital twin using unreal engine or Unity to truly create an open map asset. During this process we have the capacity to keep items looking the same as in real life or to import new objects that are not part of the original. There is also the opportunity to layer content over the top of the captured images and embed videos, links, data and documents as if they were part of the original asset.

The end result is an asset that can play in a browser or a headset or can be used in other software to create a content and this asset can then be used in multiple different ways with a plethora of technologies

Are you ready to explore your digital twin?

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