Well, what can we say about 2018? It’s been amazing! Our teams have clocked up some serious air miles flying around the globe to exotic (and not so exotic!!) locations to work their creative genius! 2018 kicked off with a visit to Learning Technologies, as usual it was a stimulating and enjoyable conference with Matt from our sister company The Virtual Forge presenting on Predictive Analytics and we also spoke about our digital solutions for the creative and corporate market.

We were thrilled to announce in January that we were integrating with INXPO to bring HTML5 streaming to our innovative BroadcastpodFebruary brought London Fashion Week, always a favourite part of our year, where we live streamed the event to millions of people worldwide. We’ve been privileged to work with the EU commission on a variety of projects including filming the Dudley Canal Trust for EU Legacy Projects, it was a pretty cool location to film in and we were able to interview the incredible Caroline Rush, CEO of the British Film Council! Our work for Jaguar Land Rover has taken us to some striking locations this year, including filming the new Jaguar I-PACE launch in Portugal.

Redbull square

Our Project Highlights…

Dreamtek were proud to work with Red Bull UK on the Gaming Sphere, the UK’s largest public esports studio. We were asked to design and commission the AV infrastructure to match the modular set up of the venue, our work has received a number of rave reviews. Our work with another global client attracted a huge amount of brilliant attention, the client was thrilled with the huge global reach of their live video; 42k views on YouTube, 600k views on Twitter, 50k views on Facebook, 60k live views on Instagram and 52k views online! We produced another successful livestream for our client, The Foundation for Sports Integrity Ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, where we live streamed the inaugural Foundation for Sports Integrity conference which comprised four panel discussions focusing on the challenges and opportunities facing international football governance.

The team have enjoyed working with Google on a variety of projects this year, we attended Google Cloud Next ‘18 to hear how the cloud can transform how we work and power successes. We always look forward to the annual Google Code Jam event which was held in Toronto this year, the coding competition started with 60,000 entrants with the 25 finalists battling it out to solve 5 coding problems and the team produced an exciting sizzle video to showcase the event.

A highlight of our year has been the Power Women series of events that have proven highly popular and successful, our events in London and New York have attracted attendance by some top business women in the cities. We are proud to be driving a culture that empowers women in the workplace allowing them to achieve the very best of their potential.

We are true advocates of making corporate video more exciting, in October we launched our Brand TV product which set out to do just this, we held an extremely successful launch to discuss how to make your internal communication more impactful and personal and a series of bitesize videos from Tom breaking down different aspects of internal communication.

Vicky Neeson, our CEO has enjoyed this year as much as we have;

“Wow, what an amazing year! As usual we have achieved more than we could have hoped for our fantastic clients, producing top quality creative video that has reached hundreds of thousands of individuals around the globe.

2018 has brought, live streaming success, we’ve achieved ISO 9001 accreditation, built a network of powerful, empowered business woman, made partnerships with some inspiring organisations, changed the face of corporate TV and most importantly a huge amount of incredible video for our clients.

Thank you Dreamteam, let’s do it all again in 2019!”

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