On Friday 16th October Dreamtek helped the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts & Culture Centre make a return to live events albeit with a difference!

rum ragged live
Dreamtek delivered a truly hybrid event to bring a live performance of Rum Ragged, a band native to Newfoundland, to their fans both at home and to those who were physically able to attend the event, during the pandemic. The collaboration between Dreamtek and our sister company The Virtual Forge helped the ACC reach a part capacity live audience and a virtual contingent joining online for the first time via a bespoke Virtual Forge platform.

The concert was organised and run in Newfoundland Arts and Culture Centre (ACC). As Newfoundland reported no Covid-19 cases, residents were able to move around freely to run and attend concerts. The ACC team setup and produced the event from the venue, and as no visitors were allowed into the area, the Dreamtek team delivered their support remotely, including consultancy, kit, platform and live streaming. Dreamtek’s remote workflows enabled us to run this entire event from the UK and we support any virtual or hybrid event, wherever it is in the world.

Dreamtek took care of the streaming element using our very own capture and distribution system SWXR ensuring the highest quality and multiplatform distribution, all delivered via the cloud. The concert was streamed to a bespoke Rum Ragged landing page and YouTube. The entire event was all streamed using a 4G connection!

This was a test event for ACC with 50 virtual tickets available, with viewers from the US, Europe and UK. Needless to say it was a flawless performance and it shows the power we have when we work together! Well done ACC for a great show and well done Rum Ragged for the awesome performance!


“Working with Dreamtek on our concert event was absolutely seamless. Our organization came to the Dreamtek team with requirements relating to ticketing, production, and broadcast distribution and all were met with great solutions supported by a highly professional and skilled team. I can honestly say that we would not have been able to do our event without the support of Dreamtek and hope that we can find continued opportunities to work with them.”

Aiden Flynn, Director at Arts and Culture Centre

Key Features:

  • Pre Scheduling the live stream notified Rum Ragged followers to be first in line to bag a
    ticket to this exclusive event.
  • Brought together a physical and virtual Rum Ragged fanbase to view this exclusive
  • Dreamtek provided the end-to-end solution to bring this event to life.
  • Dreamtek worked closely with the on-site production team.
  • Dreamtek produced a show in Newfoundland, from the UK. Our remote workflows
    enable us to support any business with a virtual or hybrid event, wherever they are in
    the world.
  • A lower than optimum internet and no on-site streaming skill is not a limiting factor
    and Dreamtek is set up for assisting those specific needs.

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For more information on how the #dreamteam can help set you up to run hybrid events then visit our hybrid events page!