Date: Wednesday 12th July 2023

Time: 3pm – 5.30pm

Location: Menier Penthouse. Floor 5, 38 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1UN.

Join Dreamtek and a panel of experts to discuss and understand how anyone with a studio or a desire to create dynamic content needs to have a handle on this emerging technology. We will be exploring the art of using Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) in live and virtual event scenarios – technologies that have seen rapid advancements in recent times.

Our panel will be discussing the various tools available to create AR content and provide insight into the landscape of compatible devices and wearable technology, as well as sharing best practices for creating engaging experiences with AR/MR. We’ll also discuss how businesses can use this technology in their operations, such as product marketing, team training and overall customer experience.

Virtual production and XR technology is rapidly becoming a major force in content creation. Popularised by blockbuster shows such as Star Wars Manadlorian, its potential has become accessible to even the mainstream market with companies like ITV, Sky and even some enterprise clients now taking full advantage of the tools and workflows offered by leading manufacturers such as Bendac. By using LED volumes and the latest XR technologies, we can create content more efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively. This allows us to explore new possibilities such as real-time compositing of live action with digital props or characters, crowd replication for large scale scenes, and much much more.


Welcome Drink and Canapés.

Boundless & Dreamtek Introduction, Strategic Partnership.



Discovering the Realm of Augmented Reality Filters and Mixed Reality: The Guide to MR and AR integration

We will dive deep into the world of Augmented Reality (AR) filters and Mixed Reality (MR) to uncover their potential for content creation. The panel will walk you through the process of creating immersive product and content experiences by leveraging this technology. They will showcase some of the best and more effective use cases for immersive technologies.

Tom Blades, Dreamtek’s Head of XR

Mixed Reality & AR Wearables


The Evolution of Virtual Production: Current State and Future Possibilities

We will discuss the different virtual production techniques that are currently being used in the industry such as virtual sets, motion capture, and real-time rendering. Additionally, we will explore the various technologies being utilised such as LED walls, virtual reality, augmented reality and wearable technology.

Tom Blades, Dreamtek’s Head of XR

Guest Speaker:
Mike Grieve, Bendac Group’s Chief Commercial Officer

Digital Actors & Virtual Cameras

Q&A and Networking Drinks.

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About Dreamtek
About Dreamtek

Tom Blades
Head of XR at Dreamtek 

Tom's Bio

The events industry is pivoting from in person physical in person events to fully remote to hybrid events. Tom is a evangelist in XR technology and the driving force behind bringing XR technologies to main stream events and consulting with businesses about integrating immersive technologies in to their way of life.

About Dreamtek
About Dreamtek

Mike Grieve
Chief Commercial Officer at Bendac Group

Mike's Bio

With over 30 years of experience in broadcast, film, visual effects, systems integration, and virtual technologies, Mike has extensive industry experience across production and post-production. He has been involved in virtual production from its inception in the mid-1990s, through the adoption of games engines, 3D tracking, and real-time compositing, to the current incarnation offering real-time VFX.

In 2010, whilst a Director of FilmLight, the company won 4 AMPAS SciTech Awards in the same year for the Northlight film scanner, Baselight colour grading, and Truelight colour management (https://www.oscars.org/sci-tech/ceremonies/2010 ) More recently, as Commercial Director of Mo-Sys, Mike helped drive two consecutive years of near 100 % growth, with the company winning numerous awards for pioneering virtual production technology, including 2 HPA Engineering Awards in consecutive years – an industry first

Today, as CCO of Bendac, Mike is helping shape the company’s expansion into LED virtual production for corporates and cinematic studios.
Mike is a member of the Visual Effects Society (VES) and a contributor to its forthcoming Virtual Production Handbook.

Who should attend?


Who should attend
Anyone that is involved with video production, content creation and regular studio spaces. It should also resonate with companies that have clients that want to take the step into virtual production or have the requirement to be on the bleeding edge of technology and innovation.

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