About DreamtekAs the CEO of Dreamtek, a leading video and content creation company, I felt it was important for me to share how extended reality (XR) has revolutionised the content creation industry by elevating the level of interactivity and engagement of the viewers. It encompasses the technological spectrum of augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR) to blur the lines between virtual and real environments. I have found the flexibility and potential of XR have sparked a new wave of creative possibilities in the video production and content creation world. In this blog post, I will explore the advancements made in XR in content video production, specifically in AR filters and mixed reality, as well as the evolution of virtual production.

Virtual Showrooms, Virtual Test Drives & Virtual Handovers.

Discovering the Realm of Augmented Reality Filters and Mixed Reality: The Guide to Event and AR integration

I believe AR filters are the latest innovation in the arsenal of XR tools. As we continue exploring augmented reality’s visual capabilities, we can enhance the artistic nature of the creative element by offering the user a chance to engage with the application directly. Social media channels like Instagram and TikTok are already using AR filters to make their platforms more interactive. Therefore it makes sense that they would be an integral part of event integrations such as virtual exhibits or conferences.

Virtual Showrooms, Virtual Test Drives & Virtual Handovers.
Mixed reality (MR) is another XR gem that offers huge potential for event integration. It involves the manipulation of the user’s physical environment with digital overlays, offering an immersive experience for a wide range of applications. By enhancing a person’s interaction with their physical environment through MR, we can include visual instructions for event attendees and offer enriching content. For example, an MR booth can provide information about a brand’s products and services in an interactive and immersive experience, a more worthwhile crowd puller than conventional static media.

The Evolution of Virtual Production: Current State and Future Possibilities

From my experience Virtual production (VP) has firmly established its footing in the XR industry. Thanks to advancements in gaming engines and colour grading software, we now have one of the most powerful toolkits ever available for virtual storytelling. Real-time rendering, virtual environments and asset creation are now increasingly becoming part of our usual video production workflows.

VP is particularly useful in the post-COVID era, where in-person interactions have significantly reduced. Using VP, the video production industry has found a way to produce shows remotely, offering a realistic virtual event experience to attendees. This development has impacted all the tech giants significantly, with Facebook launching its virtual reality platform, Horizon Workrooms, and NVIDIA offering Omniverse virtual collaboration solutions.

Virtual Showrooms, Virtual Test Drives & Virtual Handovers.

The augmented and virtual reality market is forecasted to grow to USD 125 Billion by 2026, while virtual production is headed towards becoming a billion-dollar industry, showing the extent of the potential for XR in the content video production industry.


In conclusion, extended reality (XR) has made insurmountable strides since its inception, transforming the way content creators engage with their audiences. It has allowed us to blur the lines between virtual and actual worlds, providing creators with the means to produce pieces that are both immersive and interactive.

Virtual Showrooms, Virtual Test Drives & Virtual Handovers.
The possibilities of utilising AR filters, mixed reality and virtual production for events are tremendous, and forward-thinking creators should use these technologies to reach new audiences and deliver experiences like never before. The future of XR in content video production is bright, and we can expect further growth and advancements in this space.
Virtual Showrooms, Virtual Test Drives & Virtual Handovers.

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