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Over the last few years, technology has been forced to adapt and fit to an exclusively online world due to the global pandemic. This was certainly the case for companies running events during this time as they were exploring different ways to create ‘reality’ from a new perspective.

What is XR?

XR is the latest technology that everyone is talking about. XR stands for extended reality and is a combination of augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality – AR, VR and MR. This means that XR not only immerses you in the virtual environment, but also augments and adds to the scene around the user. XR is set to become a key technology in the metaverse, allowing computer text and graphics to be added into real world and virtual environments through a gateway device such as a VR headset. XR is also set to become a key component for companies running events, giving them endless opportunities to create amazing digital experiences for their audiences. This technology is expected to transform events in the near future.

Using XR for events

shutterstock 660774013More and more companies are using technologies such as XR to help make their events more engaging for their audiences. Many are looking for new ways to run their events using immersive experiences to replace the old and tired event formats of the past (did someone mention webinar?)
One way to use XR for your event is to help you produce more engaging graphics and visual aids for your presentations i.e. the data the speaker is referring to would be placed within the space and the speaker can physically touch the data to expand on their point and continue with the presentation as if it were alive in the space with them. This can be used for all graphics including video footage, maps, plans, facts and figures. Using XR in this way can engage your audiences like never before and can add elements to your event which are far beyond the physical possibilities of real life.

Another way to use XR for your event is to help give the illusion of an inventive and larger set space. If your event location is pretty compact, using XR can help to visually expand the space beyond the location’s physical boundaries. This can also be effective as you are able to create vivid and creative backdrops and environments for each section of your presentation which can differ in size depending on your desire.

Using XR in your event can also allow remote speakers to be ‘placed’ in the event studio with physical speakers so they can see and interact with fellow presenters and audience members. This gives XR events the advantage over solely virtual events where many attendees do not believe that they engage with speakers in the same way when they are on a screen.

XR isn’t just limited to being used in physical events. You are able to deliver XR events to anyone, anytime and anywhere across the globe. Due to the nature of the working world making it nearly impossible to deliver events to everyone at the same time, XR allows you to deliver digitally rich and engaging events remotely at any time of the day without affecting the quality of the delivery. Audiences can even personalise their XR experience depending on whether they are attending from home, in the office or on the move.

Things to consider if you are planning to use XR in your event

shutterstock 530010547There are several aspects to consider before you begin planning an event which includes XR. The first is that there must be a relevant reason that your audience enters an immersive space during your event. The reasoning could be an exclusive look into a new product or service or even a first look into a new building development plan. Another point to consider is that XR events are not there to replace IRL events as these are still the preferred way to keep engagement levels high and to encourage long lasting relationships and networking opportunities. Using XR also requires audiences to use headsets to gain the full experience. Be aware that using headsets for a long period of time can cause fatigue and headaches, so only use them at times that will enhance the event experience.

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