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Emebet Alemu Demissi
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What is your name?
Emebet Alemu Demissie,

Job title?
IT Technician at TeamPeople.

How would you describe your job to someone outside of the industry? What do you do on a daily basis?
I would describe my job for someone outside of the industry, explaining the technology we use to assist clients in person and via telephone, with various meeting Platforms, and setting up a conference room to connect clients across the world.

What is your favourite part of your job?
My favourite part of the job is supporting high-level meetings.

What’s your greatest achievement or something you’re proud of from your career?
Assist high-profile people from a different world with various platforms and learn the new technology to improve my skill.

What’s the coolest experience you’ve had in your career?
The coolest thing I have had in my experience is assisting stressful clients in resolving the issue at the right time.

How did you get into what you do now?
I Studied Information Technology

How has the industry changed since you started?
The industry frequently changes to manage the new normal and adapt to the virtual environment.

What advice do you have for someone new to the industry?
My advice for someone new to the industry is to be proactive and updated with the latest technology to cope with ordinary skills or knowledge.

What soft and hard skills should someone in your field have?
Everyone should have various software skills required to fulfil the day-to-day activities and the technology needed to operate the equipment in our field. Hardware: – break-fix, install, run cable.

Who inspires you? Is there a quote that motivates you?
My manager. “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you are part of the road.” Stewart Brand, writer

How do you manage your time?
I manage my time by setting a plan and writing a to-do list.

What books should I be reading?
CTS and CCNA / Tec books.

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