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What is your name and job title?
Jourdan Holden, Senior Media Tech I at TeamPeople.

How would you describe your job to someone outside of the industry? What do you do on a daily basis?
Run cameras and audio for international meetings

What’s your greatest achievement or something you’re proud of from your career?
Seeing students that I taught theater technology (AV) to in high school and college out in the industry working and enjoying what they do.

How did you get into what you do now?
I got started in the AV world around age 12 and immediately fell in love with it. IT evolved from running the AV ministry at my church, to running audio for my high school’s annual musical. I’ve been in the industry in one way or another for over 15 years.

What advice do you have for someone new to the industry?
Don’t be afraid to learn a new skill. You’ll find being a little knowledgeable in the expertise areas of your colleagues will help earn you far more respect and make teams run more successfully.

Tell us something that people don’t know about you…
I started on the stage dancing at age 5. I’ve been a choreographer, actress, lighting designer, sound designer, choir director, singer, carpenter, and electrician: all in the name of the arts.

What books should I be reading?
I’m super obsessed with Black Female Sci-fi so I’d say anything my Nnedi Okorafor, Octavia Butler, Tananarive Due, or N.K. Jemison.

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