Gives You The Power
To Engage Any Audience
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Communicate effectively with your customers, prospects, employees and partners globally.

INXPO STUDIO’s solutions offer dynamic ways to deliver messages to your customers, prospects, employees, and partners. Leverage INXPO STUDIO to extend your reach, drive engagement, and maximize ROI. The revolutionized HTML5 technology provides secure Flash Player free streaming, animated content and responsive interaction without the hassle of plug-ins and updates.

INXPO STUDIO is a powerful tool that can scale from audio presentations to multi-presenter video conferencing presentations.

Product Packages

STUDIO is offered in two different packages to best accomodate the level of your streaming needs. Webcast STUDIO delivers flash free, audio and/or video presentations for internal or external audiences. Broadcast STUDIO ecompasses all the features of Webcast STUDIO and goes beyond to create professional tv-style video programs using multiple sources.

Flexible Streaming Options

Live, simu-live (pre-recorded with live Q&A) and on-demand streaming options give you full control of when and how your presentations are delivered.

Global Reach

With the industry’s leading mobile experience you can reach users, anytime, anywhere, and from any device without sacrificing any of the interactive features offered on desktops

Personalised Experience

An engaging experience that promotes meaningful dialogue between presenter and audience, fostering knowledge transfer and collaboration.

Robust Analytics & Reporting

Access to dashboards for real-time metrics, giving you the ability to track and measure your ROI immediately.

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