Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Dreamtek are specialists in developing bespoke enterprise virtual lms and we have worked with some of the worlds leading blue chip organisations….

Administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology.

Our LMS partner is NetDimensions, due to the flexibility of the platforms open source Software Development kit and the modules available make it highly customisable, so we can develop a solution based on our customers requirements rather than an out of the box product.

The Dreamtek learning solutions enable you to manage personalised training programs, compliance initiatives, licensing and certification requirements, competencies, and collaborative learning, as well as external training for the extended enterprise.


Dreamtek virtual learning solutions


 Dreamtek’s expertise is in creating bespoke and personalised solutions for clients. We can create custom branded portals and integrate your Learning Management System with Adobe Connect to build custom interfaces.

We integrate video into your learning experiences, build TV studio and give you the creative tools to manage your video content internally. No more boring powerpoint slides, get creative with video, apps and gamification.


Learning module – Track your learner journey, as tasks are performed and curriculum items are completed the system scores and tracks participants progress.
Performance module - provides hierarchical competency modelling and assessments, dynamic goal management and performance appraisals, career and succession planning, and talent reporting.
Exams module - designed to maximise the productivity of people involved in developing and managing assessments, as well as regulatory compliance requirements. It enables your organisation to manage the entire assessment process with optimal control and security.

Mobile Learning

Enable learning on the go for employees, field based employees can access their learning programs and progress while out of the office. Teachers and trainers can take advantage of on the spot experiences and enrich content.

Virtual Classroom

Integrating your Learning Management System (LMS) with Adobe Connect means that you can facilitate presenter / trainer to one or many learners online using HD Quality video, chat pods and Q&A pods.

Online Learning

Dreamtek can develop a custom user interface, develop corporate intranet learning portals with enterprise social apps so that learners can collaborate and share knowledge.

Social Learning

Integrating Social media into your Learning experiences can be very valuable to learners who aren’t in the office. Dreamtek can create social media centric portals to make the learner journey more engaging and allow for mentoring to take place across the organisation.


Gamification is an exciting area of growth within Learning. You can recognise employees who execute key business processes and complete tasks in your enterprise applications. Creating leaderboards, missions and social rewards makes gamification much more interactive.

Dreamtek have worked with a number of large corporate clients to facilitate their transition to the NetDimensions Learning Management System, through providing exceptional quality user interface web portals.

Business Analysis

The process usually begins with the review of current business processes to identity business requirements and is followed by the proposal of a solution which best integrates those processes with the LMS to achieve a solution which meets the needs of all client stakeholders in the most cost effective way. VF have been involved in the data migration processes, advising how this can best support the user’s experience of the representation of that data.

Project Management

Experienced in both large scale infrastructure, data migrations and multiple software development projects, our team are able to support a project from end to end. Taking industry standard best practise and applying them to individual client needs to best facilitate a fast, efficient, controlled delivery where risks, issues and actions are managed to resolution.


Our development team are high quality – experienced, flexible and diligent. They operate as a close-working team who are able to quickly adapt and modify to fulfil changing client needs through close team interaction and collaborative problem solving processes whilst maintaining controlled quality code and development/test environments.


Skilled VF designers are able to recommend best practise User Experience and User Interface solutions, presenting highly professional ideas tailored to the individual needs of the client.


Dreamtek have an in-house testing team whose thorough, systematic approach to all testing processes including functional, integration and load testing, helps to ensure a quality product is delivered in-line with or exceeding customer expectations.


Following on from a successful implementation, on-going support requirements can be provided to continue through development of enhancements or resolution of post live issues and outages.

It is estimated that the LMS market will grow by about 23.17%
between 2017 and 2018
Moodle currently boasts
an estimated 73.8 million users
Edmodo has the largest number of customers,
an estimated 120k of them
21% of LMS users
are from the Education Sector

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