It’s a new era of events!

Virtual events can be incredible, but there are also a ton of them and if you fail to hit the right mark, you can become lost amongst all the other virtual events that are clamouring for our attention. Virtual events and their popularity has soared over the last 12 months, but so has our fatigue with them, commonly referred to as ‘Zoom fatigue’, yup we’ve all been there!

So, what’s the problem? Boredom? Oversaturation? A lack of connection? All of these things?

How do you make your event stand out in a market that is so full of noise? There are many elements that feed into running a successful event and one of the key elements to get right is ensuring the event type you choose is fit for purpose as there are plenty of available options within the virtual event sphere.

Here at Dreamtek we have been busy helping our customers adapt to this new digital world during the global pandemic, and have created a series of virtual event services to help our clients run pretty awesome events that don’t bore guests to tears.

We are on hand to help our customers easily transform their physical events to a digital or hybrid format to ensure they can continue running these crucial events. Not only do we help you transition your events to run online and guide you every step of the way, we also help you to add innovative and creative experiences to enhance the virtual viewing experience.

Dreamtek’s virtual event services include live streaming, webcasting, virtual classrooms, hybrid event services and experiential, take a look below:

Live Streaming

From conferences and sports to concerts and film, Dreamtek is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands such as Facebook, Google and YouTube to distribute live streaming services. Instead of cancelling your event, why not put your trust into Dreamtek and be certain that we can deliver our tried and tested services to ensure your live streamed event is a success.

Previously, we have live streamed some of the coolest products, ideas and events from a remote location to all corners of the globe for brands such as Jaguar, Red Bull and Google. Our live stream events will be sure to set you apart from your competition as your audience can interact instantly with your content.

Our Dreamtek engineers are available to support you through your entire live stream. The team will assist you with pre-production including presenter coaching and network testing, give you the option to pre-record any segments, as well as supporting the vision mixing during the live stream and providing post production support. In addition to this, we can help you to stream simultaneously to multiple platforms and give viewers unlimited views of the stream to allow your company to reach a vast audience that it wouldn’t normally have the capability to reach.

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Here at Dreamtek, we stream hundreds of webcasts every year across all platforms. Our professional streams provide a fully managed technical solution to ensure you can deliver your message to your customers, employees and partners wherever they are in the world. If you want a fully managed end-to-end solution, or if you want to bring professionalism to your smaller production, we are here to cater for any level.

From the planning and live broadcast to pre-recording and playback, the Dreamtek team are an international highly experienced team of experts who work with the latest equipment and give advanced technical support and backup systems.

Webcasts can consist of a combination of live and pre-recorded content that can be shot in person, virtually or both. Some examples of how your company could use a webcast are for marketing, internal communications, to launch events, sales conferences, corporate events and much more.

To get in touch or to find out more about how Dreamtek can ensure the highest quality broadcast for your webcast visit:

Virtual Classrooms

To help you continue educating without travelling or meeting in large groups of people, Dreamtek’s virtual classrooms are the best next option to face to face training. Whether you need to run an hour’s class for a small group or a week’s worth of training for a larger group, Dreamtek are here to help you stream live content and can enable audience participation to suit your needs.

Powered by Abobe Connect or Zoom our virtual classrooms enable you to quickly and efficiently transfer classroom and theory-based information into a virtual classroom with a cost-effective, no commitment solution.

Attendees and presenters are able to upload and download files, set homework and answer polls, as well as being able to access the classroom on any mobile device or desktop. If you have any technical issues during your sessions, Dreamtek are also on hand to fix these and provide a fully interactive environment to create the same atmosphere as if you were in the real classroom!

We have provided these state-of-the-art virtual classrooms for over 10 years to some of the biggest companies in the world and are continuing to improve our solutions as the world readjusts to the pandemic.

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Hybrid Events

With hybrid events becoming more and more popular, Dreamtek can help you reach your desired audience anywhere in the world. A hybrid event is one that incorporates both physical and virtual participation into the event and Dreamtek can offer the functionality required as if the audience member was physically present.

One of the main advantages of hosting a hybrid event is that you can reach a more impressive number of people than the traditional event. Dreamtek can include live Q & A, polls, networking and breakouts to create the most realistic experience.

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Want to take your virtual event to the next level? Dreamtek works with you to inspire and engage your audience during your event to create a memorable occasion for customers.

We work with you to generate the concept and develop the dream at a cost-effective price which will directly connect your audience to a product or service.

What’s better than combining the experiential event with social media interaction to reach audiences far and wide and increase the awareness around your brand.

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