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Dreamtek are working with Certified Coach, Pippa Savory, to run a series of webinars that will allow you to continue to show up as the confident, high contributing and effective professional that you are, especially during this Covid period. We’ll learn some simple but effective practical strategies to create a consistent super power mindset and to create the head space needed to perform at your peak.

The Covid-19 outbreak and following containment measures will have a long-lasting impact on the economy, businesses and working lives, with work–life balance, wellbeing and job security being big challenges for many.

Dreamtek’s Power Women series has been running since 2017 and has included networking events in London, New York and Dublin, all with the focus of delivering greater innovation and performance by driving diversity across all sectors within the technology industry, and across all levels from schools to the boardroom.

Meet Pippa Savory - Bio

Pippa Savory photoPippa has worked in the corporate world for 30 years, the last decade as an HR Director. Coming from automotive and construction industries, Pippa has typically worked in a very male dominated environment, often being the only senior female in the room. Earlier this year Pippa decided that the world of corporate HR was no longer floating her boat so she left and focused on what she loves; helping professionals, women in particular, step in to their power and be the very best version of themselves, unapologetically.

At the risk of sounding a bit woo-woo in the corporate world, as a Certified Coach and Reiki Practitioner, Pippa likes to blend her professional background with the spiritual world, she believes that no matter who we are, what gender we are and whatever our background, we all have the power within us to perform at the highest level, and very often it’s us that get in the way of ourselves. Mindset and self-belief play a huge part in Pippa’s work.

Pippa launched her coaching practice in May this year and coaches execs on a 1:1 basis. She is currently designing a female only programme aimed at helping professional women supercharge their self-belief through transforming their mindset taking them to new levels of career & confidence success.

Pippa will be delivering three masterclasses in collaboration with Dreamtek

Seminar 1: Protecting your energy during lockdown


During these strange times with most of us working from home, kids or partners also at home, even less structured working hours… it’s so easy to give too much of yourself away. The lines were already blurred between professional and personal time, and these challenging times have meant our lives have really blended into one.
You could argue that protecting our energy is more important than ever, easier said than done right? The world may have changed but expectations are still high as a kite!
Join us for a session to explore what us busy professionals can do to create the head space needed to show up and perform at our peak.

Seminar 2: The Worry Monster


Ever stay awake worrying about everything going wrong? And don’t you find those middle of the night wakenings an absolute b!tch! Why is worrying in the darkness so much worse??!
Worry and anxiety are increasingly common for professionals, women in particular. In this session we look at where worry comes from, how we can try and get it under control and replace it with thoughts that serve us much better.
Worry never goes away entirely. However, in this session we explore how we can learn to look at situations more logically so we can turn down the worry noise in our heads and experience the freedom that this brings.

Seminar 3: Stepping into your power during challenging times


There’s no doubt that generally (and as research backs up) women have to work harder to get the recognition they deserve.
So when the world is unaligned and uncertainty is rife, how do we continue to show up as the confident, high contributing and effective professionals that we are?
Join us to learn how using some simple but effective practical strategies can create a consistent super power mindset and show up like the awesome boss lady that you are.

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