Product Videos

Product Videos

Dedicated to delivering the best in creative Product Videos


    We aspire to create content that inspires audiences and moves with the times.

    Why not envision the future through stunning motion graphics and animations.

    Showcase your product with an impactful video, the perfect digital promotion and online sales tool. A video can offer insights into the product and answer questions a customer may have. Our creative #Dreamteam will design and produce your promotional piece, visualising your product in all its glory.

    We live in a video driven world with audiences who evolve and adapt around what you put in front of them. It has never been more critical to make sure that your product is the best out of them all, making sure your video is the one that is going viral!
    Product Videos

    Product Launch Video

    Prior to any new product launch, a series of snippets or teaser trailers are the perfect way to enter the game to get your customers lapping up the suspense and height of this new desirable product. With the anticipation for the product, the final product video has to have a sense of magical drama, featuring all of the products features in the best light. At Dreamtek we can help you bring your product onto the market with a bang.

    Action Video

    Live Action Video

    Even though an animation can seem the easier route, a live-action video will always compliment the product best, there’s nothing quite like a shoot to show the product in a real world environment . We can create a high quality video that showcases all the unique details in a stylistic, dynamic and accurate way. If you require a nice simplistic video then live-action is definitely the best and more cost-effective way to create a beautiful product video. All you then have to do is get the video out into the public eye…share, share and share again over your social media platforms. If you need any help, we can assist you along the way.


    Animated Video Video

    When trying to demonstrate the use of a product and showing off its brilliant features, then there’s no better way to show this than with animations and CG animation. Through using animation you can show off all the intricate details of a product in an infinite variety of angles and finishes, even going as far as using infographics to explain how the product actually works.

    Examples of our Video Production Services