Back to basics

Here are the first two rules of our 10 Rules of Experiential. Get these steps right, and you’ve got strong foundations to start building a memorable event.

1. Don’t do boring s**t.

Seems like an obvious one? Maybe, but it’s surprising how many people don’t deliver on this. If your content isn’t meaningful, relevant and memorable, it doesn’t matter how impressive your delivery is, or anything else for that matter. Boring content means you’ll lose your audience – and what’s an event with no audience? It may seem basic, but it’s crucial.

2. Always start with the “why?”

We live in an overstimulated world and our attention is constantly being pulled in a multitude of directions. Therefore it is vital to think specifically about why the world needs your event. Spend the time coming up with an authentic mission statement for what you’re creating. Have a clear point of view to guide your team of designers, marketers and content programmers. If you can’t answer why your event deserves attention, then it probably doesn’t and you’ll be hard pushed to find an audience.

Don’t gloss over these fundamentals. Having good content and being clear on the why from the outset, is as important as it gets.