Today’s rules are all about audience experience. Now you’ve got them interested and they’re attending, you need to make sure you effectively deliver your content so that it sticks.

3. It’s all about the UX

Think carefully about your audience and what they actually want. Here’s a list of questions to help you with that:

  • How can you transform your audience?
  • Does it best benefit the audience to keep things small and intimate, or would going big better suit their needs?
  • What does the IRL audience want? What does the virtual audience want?
  • How do they want to be connected to each other?
  • How can you create that value for everyone, through your brand’s lens?

4. Pick your platform wisely

The platform is your tool, it’ll determine your ability to deliver the right UX to your audience. So, you’ve got to make it your own. Customize the look and feel and make sure to integrate elements that reflect your brand. Remember to negotiate with the vendor on things like volume discounts and extra tools – it’s fierce competition out there so you may be happily surprised at how much they’ll be willing to play ball.

If you can get these steps right, you’ll likely affect your audience in the way you intended to. Isn’t that what every event organiser wants?

Don’t gloss over these fundamentals. Having good content and being clear on the why from the outset, is as important as it gets.