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These next rules are about staying relevant in today’s world. That means making sure you move with the industry as it evolves. Or even better – why not be one step ahead?

5. Embrace the hybrid

The repercussions of Covid and all the virtual living we embraced, means that the overwhelming majority of experiences will now have a virtual element to them. An exponentially larger audience can be reached digitally, so there’s really no going back. Don’t shy away from it, even if it is still a little unknown. Think about it – having a hybrid element adds security. If one channel becomes problematic, you can always ramp up the other one.

6. Sustainability is a mandate

The days of disposable one-day pop-ups, huge trade shows, and unnecessary travel are becoming a thing of the past. And it’s about time. We have to think about what impact experiences have on the planet and how to responsibly deliver XP in the future. Marketing surveys repeatedly report that a majority of people now consider a company’s impact on the environment when deciding to engage. So whether it’s using recyclable products on site, or developing a carbon-offsetting programme – get involved and get creative.

Things move quickly and you’ve got to move with them. Both for the sake of growth as a company, and for the sake of wider environmental impact. Remember – change is good.