be prepaired

Today it’s about practicalities and not forgetting the important building blocks that are too often overlooked.

7. Assemble an all-star team

Every role matters when putting on a first class event. You want a well-oiled machine, where every person fully understands their responsibilities. Think of it like a house of cards – if one goes, the rest tumbles. So, hire the best and the brightest, look for a diverse set of skills and experience. Don’t overlook any role, and seriously consider hiring a project manager… it’s rare that you’d ever regret it.

8. Prep. Prep. And prep again

Did I say prep? You can never prep enough. Given the complexity of events these days – the tech involved, the demands of remote production, the scale of content – you need to figure it all out with ample time. Tech needs serious attention as it’s where things can go horribly wrong. Glitches and blunders can be funny (we all loved the lawyer-cat), but it’s not really how you want to be remembered.

So, get your all-star team together and prep them properly. Oh and then, prep again.