The final two rules are about how to elongate the lifespan of your event. To have a lasting impact on your audience, and to get the most out of it for your company, you need to take these things into consideration.

9. Engagement counts

Have a clear sense of your KPIs before you start creating, and then have a plan in place to measure after. If you’ve got an idea of what success means for your event, it’ll help you craft your content. For example, if your goal is facilitating business connections, establish a number for how many matches you want to make. Or, if you want to inspire a particular emotional reaction, think about how you would measure it. Maybe it’s through tracking positive comments in the chat, or counting positive emoji reactions. Whatever it is, map it out.

10. The end is just the beginning

You want your event to live past the moment it’s over. You want the content to live on in the community that has been fostered. Therefore always leave your audience wanting more, find ways to keep the engagement going, and make sure you inform them how to stay involved. Maybe it’s through a newsletter, or having another event already lined up for them to attend. Think about how you’ll push your team to continue to deliver quality experiences.

And there you have it – our 10 Rules of Experiential. With these at your side you should be well equipped for this new era of events that we are now in.