Hybrid and Virtual Events

Hybrid and Virtual Events

The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid and Virtual Events


Pandemic or no pandemic, the general consensus has been that business must go on all around the world. And not only must business go on, but events should deliver results and be delivered to the same standard as before. Yet how do you deliver something that is intrinsically linked to human interaction, without any human interaction? And more so, do it with a positive ROI?

We explore the numerous benefits of hosting a hybrid or entirely virtual event in 2021 and how this may offer additional gains in terms of both sales and marketing. And how, with new technology, a talented support team and, like any event, detailed planning, hybrid and virtual events can be bigger and more successful than live in-person events.

With many interactions shifting from in real life to virtual and online over this last year, it comes as no surprise that hybrid events have become more popular, but with an impressive 73% of planners stating they’ve been able to successfully pivot their events to virtual, just how popular and how successful have they been? And what now?

Even should things return to how they were pre-pandemic, why would you choose a hybrid (or entirely virtual) event over a live event? What would be the benefit? After all, why reinvent the wheel?


Use our Ultimate Guide to Hybrid and Virtual Events to fully prepare for your new project!

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