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The current covid-19 pandemic is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. With many businesses now planning to re-open, the health and safety of staff and customers is top priority.

The current Covid-19 pandemic is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. With many businesses now planning to re-open, the health and safety of staff and customers is top priority.

Research from Bupa Health Clinics, found that 65% of 2,000 respondents are anxious about returning to the office, with concerns over social distancing the most common worry. Concerns include overcrowded office spaces and the ability for people to distance themselves from others.

Many businesses are currently busy taking huge steps to adapt working spaces and practices so staff and customers will feel safe and video can be used to help communicate the changes that are being taken.


We sat down with our Head of Video Services, Tom Blades, to understand how video can help ease this transition period.

Tom explains how videos can be used to communicate with your staff and customer base.

“It’s essential to differentiate between these two audiences as they have different needs and concerns. It’s important that videos are specifically created to be used in this environment reflecting this ‘new-normal’ that we are currently experiencing.

Social DistancingPerception is key here, and how your company communicated during this time will always be remembered. The entire video production industry has been flipped on its head and videos should be carefully crafted in a way that accurately reflects Covid-19 working practices. A great way of doing this is to make sure that in every part of the video you are adhering to social distancing guidelines for example reducing screen time for people and filling in any gaps with motion graphics.

Motion graphics are great as they can illustrate complex ideas visually and can be updated in a cost-effective way. This is a constantly changing environment and we’ve just seen the social distance required reduce from 2 to 1 metre. Reflecting these changes using motion graphics is easy as only that section of the video needs updating, there is no re-shoot needed and no location filming.

Creating informative videos that clearly communicate the steps you’ve taken and the changes that are now in place can be a key way to increase confidence and eliminate worries for both audiences.

ppeIt’s really important that you are specific and granular. For example if you’re opening up a hotel chain, the concerns could include how guests will make their way from reception to their rooms, how dinner will be served, how many times reception will be wiped down each day and the protection and steps taken for staff being clear of Covid-19 and what PPE they’ll be wearing.

Many of these videos can be used in advance and during opening periods. Some ideas for videos are:

  • Tours of the office/business showing rearranged workspaces and hand sanitiser stations.
  • Health and safety announcements.
  • Confidence inspiring testimonials from staff, covering the training and health and safety precautions being taken.
  • A tour of your premises to show your customers the best practice and safety measures in place

Dreamtek is here to help you navigate through this so please give us a call to chat though your ideas.”

Thanks Tom!

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