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Video Solutions

TV Studio's, Webcasting Platform's, Digital Asset Management Solution's & Digital Publications.

Whether you want a TV Studio, webcasting platform, Digital Asset Management solution or to create your own digital publications Dreamtek provide solutions to enable your digital content vision from creation through to delivery.


Video Solutions Customer Quotes

Our Happy Customers!

UBS Logo I Dreamtek Corporate Video Services
Phil Angst

“Thank you so much Dreamtek Team for making this happen, for bringing the Broadcastpod to Singapore in just one week. Everything works great so lets see how we can really utilise that to the max.”

Credit Suisse Logo I Dreamtek Corporate Video Production
Credit Suisse
Camilla Damm Leuzinger

“We are very happy that in the future we will be able to produce lots of videos, if its a small interview or teaser. Its a great privilege having the Broadcastpod installed, thank you very much.”

PSA Peugeot Citroen Logo I Dreamtek Corporate Video Solutions
PSA Peugeot Citroen
Philip Price

“We bought the Broadcastpod because its a further extension of our Virtual Classroom technology which we started with Dreamtek 3 years ago. We are calling our Broadcastpod “Academy Boxxed” because that is exactly what it is!  It’s part of our long term strategy to deliver this technology to other countries and markets. Its the 1st stage of moving our offering to an international theatre.”

Team Video Solutions

TV Studio's, Webcasting Platform's, Digital Asset Management Solution's

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Hannah Massam
Vice President - UK
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Rob Rodgers
Senior Business Development Manager
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Kashaan Butt
Chief Engineer and Systems Architect
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