Virtual Classrooms

Dreamtek build virtual classroom environments using the Adobe Connect elearning platform to enable organisations to conduct teacher led training online across multiple locations at any time….

Communicate, view presentations, interact with learning resources & work in groups with our Virtual Classroom Software.

Stream content live and enable audience participation with webcam / audio – chat facilities, interactive content sharing. Dreamtek has also developed a HQ video pod that is a plug in for streaming hIgh quality video content – important if you are delivering complex training such as engine repair or medical applications via an online classroom.

Enabling video creation

Dreamtek have built different levels of TV studio facilities for clients so that they can create their own video and training content. We can build facilities that are mobile and can be wheeled around, or we can build a small studio space complete with cameras, audio, lighting in an office or a complete studio build. See our TV Studio page or have a look at the solution we built for the Peugeot Citroen Virtual Academy.


The classrooms can be fully custom branded and provide dashboard statistics on engagement and for tracking learners progress, so that traniers can tailor content.

Learning portals

To bring your Learning and performance into one place Dreamtek build bespoke Learning portals to integrate virtual classrooms, training programs and learner journeys with a Learning Management System so you have an easy to use dashboard for learners to complete their training and for instructors / managers to monitor and track progress.


Learners can access virtual classrooms from any device – desktop, mobile or tablet so its great for employees on the move.

The LMS market is expected to be over $7 billion
by 2018
India has the highest eLearning growth rate of 55%,
in 2016
77% of USA companies offer online corporate training
for employees
Students selecting distance-learning courses has increased
by 150% since 1998

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