Virtual Classroom Solutions

Virtual Classroom Solutions

Dedicated to delivering the best quality Virtual Classroom Solutions


    The Virtual Classroom landscape is changing…

    Deliver virtual training using virtual classroom software

    Dreamtek’s Virtual Classroom solutions can be powered by Adobe Connect or Zoom, creating a customisable, brandable and interactive product that allows you to stream content live and enable audience participation with webcam/audio and chat facilities, including interactive content sharing. If you are a training provider be prepared for all eventualities and enable more flexibility in your training sessions with our Virtual Classroom solutions.

    As the world readjusts to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all establishing new ways of working for the foreseeable future.

    Our Virtual Classrooms, powered by Adobe Connect, are available to rent under various agreements to suit your needs.

    You may need to run an hour’s training for a small group or a whole week’s worth of training for a larger group. A cost-effective, no commitment solution, Dreamtek’s Virtual Classrooms are available to rent as per your requirements. Fully supported by us from a technology perspective, this is your next best option to face to face training.

    Our Virtual Classroom Solution is remote and highly effective

    Our Virtual Classrooms allow you to quickly and efficiently transfer classroom and theory-based information into a virtual classroom.
    Dreamtek provides full support for your Virtual Classroom sessions, we resolve any technical issues you may come up against.
    Virtual Classrooms can be rented in line with your requirements, providing a cost-effective training solution without financial commitment.
    Resources such as Powerpoint and other software can be integrated into your Virtual Classroom.

    Our Virtual Classrooms provide a fully interactive environment with two-way communication, generating a true to life learning experience. Users also can upload and download files, answer polls and set homework.
    Unlike other webinar solutions we use room templates to make it quick and easy to set up new rooms and ensure consistency across learning experiences. The room can be reset in one click, making it ready for the next training session.
    Attendees and presenters can access the sessions on any mobile device, plus on desktop without any additional downloads.

    About our expertise, what we do and how we do it.
    Virtual Classroom SETUP

    We are the supplier of state of the art virtual classroom infrastructure for some of the biggest companies in the world, for over 10 years. We provide secure systems that protect your companies information and data, alongside the server, hosting and support you may need. We will ensure the delivery is solid and dependable unlike a direct service from the manufacturer.

    We also provide bespoke solutions to suit high quality video streaming and broadcast quality output if required.

    We are platform agnostic and work with multiple providers.

    Dreamtek’s Virtual Classroom Solution allows you to continue training without the need for travel or large gatherings of people. Providing a cost-effective, no commitment and effective solution.

    Download our ultimate Virtual Classroom checklist to ensure your lesson runs smoothly.

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