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Virtual Events

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    Our Virtual Event Services

    Dreamtek is a trusted partner to global brands, delivering live, virtual and hybrid events. Our teams, situated in most major cities, deliver expertise and guidance regarding the technology and digital solutions available to enable you to continue running events at this time.

    At Dreamtek we are helping our customers navigate the options in terms of transitioning from physical events to a digital or hybrid format. We have been leaders in a virtual world and supporting our clients with innovative virtual events for years, we know the tech and what can be achieved.

    Our experienced team will guide you through the options and process end-to-end, including speaker briefings, kit packages, test sessions and rehearsals.

    Events are all about the experience.  We can help you add innovative and creative solutions to enhance the virtual viewing experience.

    Our remote video and digital event solutions work within the current restrictions, and, as the landscape changes, our remote solutions can work independently, or as hybrid to a live show.

    The result? High quality virtual events delivered to your audience globally, on a platform accessible by any device. Perfect for when people can’t be there.

    Take a look at all our options below…

    Live Streaming

    It’s a new era of events. Safely reach your target audience, whether it’s sport, fashion, red carpets, music and product launches, we can live stream it to a global audience. We can safely deliver all types of virtual and digital event solutions.

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    Communicate effectively with your customers, prospects, employees and partners globally. We work across all platforms, delivering a fully managed technical solution, allowing you to concentrate on the message at hand and engage with your audience.

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    Virtual Classrooms

    Our Virtual Classrooms create a customisable, brandable and interactive product that allows you to stream content live and enable audience participation with webcam/audio and chat facilities, including interactive content sharing.

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    Hybrid Event Services

    The live events landscape is changing and whilst we recognise the importance and the benefits of hosting a live event, there may be a requirement to add a digital format to the programme. You can still reach your desired audience anywhere in the world with a mix of content and live stream solutions.

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    It’s all about the experience. Adding creative licence and innovative solutions to enhance the real life or virtual experience. Our #dreamteam work in collaboration with our experiential partners will deliver a full service in concept development, content creation, planning and ultimately the delivery of interactive, creative and immersive experiences.

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