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Extended reality (XR) is a catch-all term that refers to any type of computer-generated environment that augments or replaces the user’s real-world surroundings. This includes virtual reality (VR), which creates immersive, simulated worlds; augmented reality (AR), which overlays digital information on the real world; and mixed reality (MR), which combines elements of both VR and AR. XR technology is still in its infancy, but it has already begun to transform a wide range of industries, in particular banking and financial services. Here’s a closer look at how XR works and some of the ways it’s being used today.

As XR technology continues to evolve, its potential applications are only limited by our imaginations.

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Given our extensive experience with extended reality, it has allowed us to produce some of the highest standards of production possible in today’s fast moving digital world.


Dreamteks’ innovative technology has pivoted many customers to take advantage of remote workflows, helping them broadcast and capture information for their customers and colleagues.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality can be used to demonstrate a new product or service. Sometimes it’s best to show a product and its features in real time.

Virtual Reality

Our team of professional VR creators can help you create a world that is tailored to your specific needs, or port an existing world into the metaverse.

Digital Twin

Dreamtek uses matterport technology to capture existing environments as a basis for CGI created resources.

How is extended reality being used in banking and financial services?

Employee Training

Data Visualisation

Customer Services

Interactive Experiences

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Extended reality is no longer a technology of the future, but is instead becoming mainstream in various industries, including banking and financial services. Banks are using extended reality to train employees, provide customer service, and help clients visualise data. The potential benefits of using extended reality in banking and financial services are vast, making it an exciting time for those in the industry.

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