Extended reality
is changing the way we do business

Take the next step into extended reality

Dreamtek is positioned to help our customers better understand this cutting-edge technology, allowing them to build it into their creative strategies.

At our core, Dreamtek is a company that embraces innovation and this is no exception. We’ve already invested in the metaverse and are building a team dedicated to the world of augmented and virtual reality. Our working partnership with Meta itself, in which we’re providing them with XR technicians, also gives us invaluable insight.

Extended Reality Services: 

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We are strategising with clients on how to integrate this technology into their businesses, the possibilities are endless.

How have we been using XR?

Virtual Sets

Unreal Engine Animations

Unity Training Experiences

Minimising the digital waste!

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Are you ready to explore extended reality?

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    Other Services

    Hybrid Event Services

    Hybrid events are the fusion of face-to-face interaction, alongside virtual components. In simple words, a hybrid event is a live event that is also live streamed to a virtual audience, allowing the event to be attended regardless of the audience’s physical locations.

    Virtual Event Services

    Dreamtek is a trusted partner to global brands, delivering live, hybrid and virtual events. Our teams, situated in most major cities, deliver expertise and guidance regarding the technology and digital solutions available to enable you to continue running events at this time.