Adding video content to your social channels makes audiences ten times more likely to engage with content. So, is your business looking to start using video on their social media channels? Or are you already creating videos but need some extra tips? Read on to find some tricks from our #dreamteam.

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Make the first 5 seconds count!

When scrolling through social media, people only stop on a video that catches their attention immediately. That’s why the first five seconds of your video have got to be the most exciting part!

Starting with a fun fact ‘did you know….’, or asking the viewer if they’re missing something that your business could help with ‘have you ever wanted to….’, or even starting with an exciting graphic to grab their attention is a great way to encourage potential customers to do a double-take on your video and engage with your brand.

Also, don’t forget; put your logo at the very beginning of the video to ensure it’s seen – even if they just scroll past.

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Provide value to your viewers

Good video content should do one of three things: educate, entertain or inform.

Every video you create should offer value for your viewers and something for them to take away in the form of advice or information, and if this benefits the customer – even better! Not only should your videos provide value to those watching, but you should also keep it short and snappy, ensuring the viewer stays engaged, as well as getting your point across more quickly.

The optimum length of the video depends on your subject matter and chosen social media platform. For example, TikTok is known for super-fast, super-short videos, whereas Facebook or LinkedIn users prefer more in-depth content.

Pair your ideas with solid visuals

Ever watched someone just talking at the camera and felt fully engaged in what they’re saying? Even professionals, like newsreaders, need something visually appealing to keep audiences engaged and stop the video from becoming, well, boring!

The best videos have solid and exciting visuals to go alongside the script (a good speaker helps, too!). Visuals can range from fun animations to professional infographics or interesting real-life clips. Regardless of what you choose, the video should be a true and accurate reflection of your brand and company; ensure you include the same colours and font types in all your videos to keep them consistent.

And, if you find yourself stuck in a creative rut, take a look at some popular videos made by similar brands for inspiration!

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Include a call to action

Never forget to include a call to action. Why waste a fantastic, creative video by not including where your audience can find further information or what the viewer can do next? A call to action is a vital tool that will help convert your audience to buyers. Even if your call to action is encouraging your audience to find out more information about your company and the services you provide, eventually this could lead to a sale.

As social media has such high levels of daily traffic and video is one of the most popular digital marketing tools used on social media, using a call-to-action in your video is the perfect way to use that engagement and turn it into a click through to your page.

Some tried and tested ideas for calls-to-action are ‘visit our website,’ ‘comment below’ or ‘sign up today!’, and again, ensure your call to action is true to your brand.

Create a high-quality video

Nothing will turn a potential customer off more than a rubbish video; it screams ‘amateur,’ and it’s better to post other content (…or have your videos professionally created) rather than post an inadequately shot, pixelated, unstable, badly lit video with poor sound quality.

So, how do you create a good video? Start by ensuring you find a quiet place that has good lighting so you can see and hear your speaker correctly. You don’t have to use expensive equipment to film the video – your smartphone is good enough, but make sure it’s in focus, and you prop it up on something or use a tripod to ensure the video stays stable. You may think your hand is steady, but once you view the footage on a bigger screen, it’s easy to see smaller movements in the film.

Finding a good background for your video is critical – a simple plain coloured background works well when you want to add graphics in post-production. This gives a clean background making text easy to read and stops the video from becoming too busy.

Here at Dreamtek, we have mastered the craft of social video marketing. So, whether you need a video made for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok, we specialise in video creation to drive maximum impact and engagement.

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